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Panasonic Business Phones

Most of the popular Panasonic later model KX-T Phones have 24 Programmable Buttons and are acailable in Black and White.

Panasonic KX-DT543 Phone

Panasonic KX-DT546 Phone

Has a larger 6 line display along with 24 Programmable Buttons

Avaya Business Phones

Avaya 18 Button Phone

A very popular phone with the earlier model Avaya Phone Systems. Available in a display model and a non display model phone.

Avaya 6 Button Phone

Another popular work station phone. Also wores well in a kitchen area, warehouse office, and a patient exam room.

Avaya IP Phones

Compatible with the Avay IP Office. Many model IP phones to choose from.

Samsung Business Phones

Samsung DS-5021D Phone

Sold in most of the Samsung Starter Kit Bundles. Great for Reception or Executive as it has 21 programmable buttons

Samsung DS-2014D Phone

The perfect work station phone that has 14 programmable buttons


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